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From: Will Hawthorne, Garner McKeon, and Bennett Slatcher

We would like to congratulate you on being accepted into the University of Georgia. It is no small feat to be accepted at one of the top public universities in the country, and you deserve to be congratulated for such an accomplishment. Along with deciding to come to UGA, we hope you decide to become a fraternity man. Joining a fraternity here at the University of Georgia will open many avenues for you as a student: you will instantly meet hundreds of other Greek members within your first week on campus, become involved in many on-campus organizations, and join a network of hundreds of thousands of professionals who have also come from the Greek system. Along with this, we hope you decide to become a brother here at Sigma Pi. 

The University of Georgia’s chapter of Sigma Pi was founded over 70 years ago and boasts a rich history of academic, philanthropic, and professional success. At Sigma Pi, we value three things above anything else: Scholarship, Chivalry, and Brotherhood. These values have driven us to develop one of the strongest brotherhoods on campus, a full social calendar filled with tailgates, sorority socials, date nights, band parties, countless brotherhood events, and our annual Orchid Ball formal, along with having one of the highest GPAs among fraternities. Philanthropy is also something we value here at Sigma Pi: along with hosting many philanthropy events such as concerts, cookouts, petting zoos, and powderpuff tournaments, we also participate in many large philanthropies on campus, such as UGA Miracle, where in we placed as the top fraternity in fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network. This success has not gone unnoticed as the Alpha-Phi chapter of Sigma Pi was recently awarded the coveted Grand Sage’s Award and the Philanthropy Award by Sigma Pi Nationals, signifying this chapter’s overall excellence and philanthropic efforts above all other Sigma Pi chapters in the nation. 

If you are interested in becoming a brother of Sigma Pi, we have many events where you can come and meet the brothers. In addition to official rush week, we participate in late spring and summer recruitment, where we will host many events in Athens, such as kayaking trips, Braves games, and Athfest, an annual music festival in Athens every summer. While it is not a requirement to participate in summer recruitment, it gives you the chance to meet the brothers in a more laid back environment, as rush week is very fast-paced and hectic. We also participate in the spring recruitment cycle, where we provide a multitude of different brotherhood events, tailgates, and band parties during the fall to meet the brother here before the start of the spring rush week second semester.


If you are interested in joining Sigma Pi, please feel free to text any of the recruitment chairs to receive more information on becoming a brother here at Sigma Pi. We hope to hear from you soon!

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